Ardeche video

Whilst in the Ardeche I spent a little time putting together some footage I’d taken with my new GoPro cameras.

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Snow at last!

After a depressing snow-free December we finally had a proper dump of the white stuff just before New Year.

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Bearbones – Ford Fiesta

On the 10th and 11th of January I took part in the Bearbones ‘Ford Fiesta’ – a non-competitive bikepacking event in mid-Wales.

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Dave Marsh frame

Growing up I lived about 100m from the Universal Cycle Centre which is the bike shop owned and run by Dave Marsh.

If you don’t know who he is then you need to read up a bit on British road cycling history!

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1st snow

It’s not much but it’s here!

It’ll not be long before the fatty comes out to play but for now the 29er is plenty capable enough.

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SS ‘town bike’

I realised a while back that, whilst I may have 5 bikes, I don’t have one for just riding into town, doing some shopping, leaving outside the pub etc…

This situation clearly needed remedying immediately and so I set about building up my old steel road frame into something suitable with a load of old/spare parts I had in the workshop.

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Annecy bikepacking trip

I’ll not write much as you can just watch the video and see how my trip was.

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Grand Balcon Sud

In what was one of the last opportunities of the year to get up onto the high trails (without pedaling!) I shot up the Brevent lift and along/down the Grand Balcon Sud.

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There was enough of a half-arsed dusting of snow for me to get the fatbike out but once out in the hills I realised that there was pretty much nothing on the ground.

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Bearbones 200


On the 10th of October (having driven for two days on little sleep) I, along with about 60 other lunatics, set off on the 2014 incarnation of the BB200 – a 200km (130ish miles).

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