Honey-Bob – Week 3

right then, moving on….. after leaving Urban and the dogs behind we headed WAAAAAY up North inside the Arctic Circle to stay at an organic farm/guest house. the place is called Aurora Retreat – check out their website here. it’s run my Mikael and Maya who cooked us some really amazing food which you know Read More

Honey-Bob – Week 2

ok…..where were we….? oh yeah – dog sledding. the plan was that we’d spend a week in the hills of Sweden driving our dog sleds from hut to hut (or Tipee – weather permitting) and learn some Winter Bushcraft skills along the way. but…..there was too much snow! i know – that’s what we thought Read More

Honey-Bob – Week 1

ok, let’s get this show on the road….. as you may or may not know – we went away for a little while! i think an itinerary is in order so that everyone can know what to expect as we progress through the goliath blogathon that is needed to cover our 5 week long honeymoon Read More

A mini adventure

hi all, yesterday afternoon i went for a ride to photograph a ruin (an abbey we think) and an amazing waterfall (ok, you got me, it was also to ride one of the best sections of singletrack i’ve ever ridden). the ride started off sunny and warm (blue skies and shorts/t-shirt all the way!) and Read More

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