Ok, ok, so I’ve got a few bikes – everybody’s got to have a vice!

Here’s the list of current Gairy-bikes (I love each and every one!).

  1. Velo Orange ‘Piolet’ (drop bar 29er)

The latest addition to the stable and already one mightily loved velo! It really is a stunning piece of engineering beauty and a joy to ride!

2. Cotic ‘Solaris’ (HT 29er):

It’s an amazing ride and my go-to bike in the sunny months for everything from blasting singletrack to nice long days in the saddle!

3. Cotic ‘Escapade’ (Gravel-bastard):

I blimmin’ love this bike! Used on everything from tarmac to singletrack and it can handle it all.

4. Singular ‘Rooster’ (rigid steel 29+ beast):

An absolute monster truck of a bike. Handles everything I throw at it and makes me smile every time I get it out on the trails.

5. Travers ‘Bat Fastard’ (Fatbike):

An absolute dream boat of a bike. Built up with love and a few choice pieces of nice light bling kit. Makes me long for winter every year 🙂

6. Santa Cruz ‘Blur LT’ (FS 26er):


Bought when a move to the Alps was imminent and it certainly gets the full use out of it’s travel around here! Probably the bike I use least though as I love riding my 29er on all of the steep, twisty technical singletrack too much.

7. Planet X ‘Kaffenback’ (SS pub bike):


Perfect little bike-about-town and really gets the legs going on the hills around here being single-speed. A great little bike.

8. Dave Marsh ’80s steel road bike’ (currently frame/forks only):


Who knows what this beauty will end up becoming. Only time will tell…..

Ok, so that’s where we’re at today. Tune in next week as I’ll likely have changed bikes once again (I’ve definitely got issues!).