Full throttle hipster!

I’ve only gone and done it.

Not content with building up a Monster Cross bike with tan tyres – oh no, that’s not far enough down the hipster rabbit hole is it?

I had to take that final step and turn my new bike into the mostest hipstery hip bike build in history!

That’s right, I’ve gone and installed a lovely chrome front rack (by Velo Orange – completely coincidentally the same brand as the frame) after one was offered for a ludicrously tempting price during an online chat.

I really like the idea of this bike being a more gentlemanly and civilised affair and so the front rack is in keeping with this ethos and completes the look of the bike nicely.

But I am aware that I’ve crossed a line and that there might be no going back…..

Unfortunately it didn’t arrive until after my recent beerpacking trip but I’ll just have to wait until my next trip to see how it performs loaded (unless I get a wicker basket for it to do the shopping in the meantime 😉 ).

It’s a lovely bit of kit and so far I’m pleased with it but I just hope it doesn’t impact other aspects of my life and turn me into a bonafide actual real life hipster buffoon (what do you mean it’s too late???).

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