Biking back from flabbiness…

So… the four years since I was last active on this blog it would appear that I’ve accidentally become a bit of a bloater.

Don’t get me wrong, I still cycle ~4000km per year but I’ve been getting slower and slower as my girth creeps ever larger.

There’s no denying that I need to get my shit together and the sooner the better. In 2015 when I stopped writing this blog I was a respectable 95kg (at 187cm that’s not bad) but three weeks ago I topped out at 118kg which is much closer to ‘fatty’ than ‘fitty’.


I tend towards the mockery and self-deprecation end of the spectrum when it comes to analysing myself and so it’s actually quite hard to discuss seriously the fact that I’ve let my calorie consumption get away from me and that I need to get things under control while I’m still fairly fit and healthy.

So why am I big?

In a word… and sugary crap.

Ok, so that’s four words but it’s purely down to my love of craft beer and equally my inability to refrain from indulging in quick unhealthy snacks when pushed for time, busy with work, feeling lazy, am awake and various other moments of weakness.

Which means…..

I am now three weeks into a ‘no booze’ regime which has already resulted in the loss of 3.5kg – boom!

I am also cutting down on general carbiness and gluteniness (two new words for you!) at the same time as really attempting to plan ahead my meals so that I don’t ‘accidentally’ find myself stopping at the petrol station for a quick sandwich. And a coke. You know, because I’m tired. And a packet of crisps. And a twix. Kingsize. And a cream egg (it was Easter recently after all!).

You get the picture.

I always ate whatever I wanted and never put on weight and then, in my late twenties, when I started putting on weight I simply did more exercise and staved off facing reality for a few more years. But in my thirties and especially since having kids, I simply can’t do enough exercise to burn off the excess calories I habitually consume – bugger!

So I need to break the cycle (no hilarious pun intended) of eating ‘treats’ to celebrate, to commiserate, to pick myself up when I’m down and for every one of another thousand reasons.

No more Mr nice (greedy) guy!

Initially the deal is no booze until I’m down to 100kg and then we’ll see about re-introducing it on a limited and more sensible scale.

So far I’m feeling good, riding more and faster and am generally pretty positive about the whole thing.

Fingers crossed I stay on the straight and narrow this time but I’m more hopeful than usual as most previous attempts have been nothing more than well-intentioned vague declarations of ‘doing better’ with no clear direction or actual ‘rules’.

Wish me luck and watch this space…..

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