End of an era…..

Today I put my road bike up for sale!

I know what you’re thinking, what the hell am I doing? It’s not N-1 after all but worry not, I’ll not be down by one whole bike for long.

Without being melodramatic I’ve simply fallen out of love with Road cycling and there are a number of reasons for this.

During the Etape du Tour 2013

The main reason is that I’m too fat for lycra. Ok, ok, that’s not the main reason but I’m afraid it is a cold, hard fact!

But seriously, obviously I’ll still ride bikes on roads but the sub-genre of ‘road biking™’ holds very little appeal for me these days.

It’s all a bit serious, isn’t it. Shaved legs, fear of rain and too much emphasis on performance, success, power and rankings – bollocks to that!

My current plan is to use the cash raised by the sale of said bike to buy a new drop bar 29er frame which I’d build up as my new ‘gravel bike’ (all-round fun, bikepacking and long-distance bike) and then whack slick tyres on my current gravel bastard and use it more for touring, commuting and all tarmac related cycling duties.

Watch this space for new bike news in the very near future…..

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