Über gnar tech singletrack shred

It was Fathers Day over the weekend and whilst I had a lovely day with my lovely family I couldn’t help but notice that there was precisely zero bike time which was clearly unacceptable.

So…..I gave myself the morning off yesterday and set off to find me some adventure!

I took a nice lift up to about 2000m alt and headed off to ride the Grand Balcon Sud above Chamonix. It’s a great trail with everything from fast flowy singletrack to scary-ass cliff edge tech trickery and everything in between.

It’s a trail that I try and ride at least once every season before the ‘voluntary’ ban on bikes during July and August (just too many hikers to be safe).

This year the snow has stuck around longer than usual (though a little on the top section of this trail in June is normal) and so I had to push, drag my bike along the first km or so and even use it as an improvised ice-axe during a nasty steep little snowy/icy section – yikes!

Before long I’d made it to the Flegere lift station and began my descent along a favourite (and crazy challenging) section of trail.

Things start off easily enough with a wide steep fireroad descent through an alpine meadow that is a pisted ski run in the winter before promptly buggering off in the rocks where the fun begins in earnest.

It’s then a roller coaster ride of white knuckle rock garden fun, steep switchbacks with consequences and sublime views – nice!

All too soon I was deposited back on the asphalt and so began the lovely (but by comparison very tame) riverside trail back to town and home in time to get to work in the afternoon.

I’ll be back as soon as humanly possible…..

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