I went for a ride with Mikey and friends (sorry fellas I will eventually remember some names) on Saturday and to say that I was blown-away by the trails I now have on my doorstep would be the understatement of the week.

The whole ride was epic – scale, views, altitude, difficulty – it was bloody lovely!

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For me this year seems to be all about changes. Firstly, our lives have been completely up-ended and our lifestyle has changed forever as we gave up the farm and moved house. Sports-wise – I bought a carbon road bike (something I said I’d never do), I tried skiing (something I said I’d never do) Read More


WOW – when the house got struck by lightening a few months ago (one hell of a lights exploding, fuse-board melting and ear-splitting bang affair) we didn’t think that we’d never be online in that house again – but that’s exactly what happened! So it’s no surprise that things have been more than a little quiet Read More