An evening tootle

I went on my first proper ride since the Pyrenees this evening and it was lovely.

Not long but mean as hell in terms of a nasty little climb and some seriously technical descents!

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TransPyr 2013 – Day 04/Travel

Right, we’re nearly done.

Day 04 dawned early if not bright as I’d decided that I was going to get up at 05:00 and set off at 06:30 – a couple of hours before the others.

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TransPyr 2013 – Day 03

The plan was that every third day would be shorter and easier than the previous two to give us a rest and so Day 03 was, on paper, a half-day with time to rest and recover after two big days in the saddle – HA!

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TransPyr 2013 – Day 02

Ok, day two…..

I woke up nice and early feeling rested, refreshed and with an aching painful back – bugger!

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TransPyr 2013 – Travel/Day 01

This is not the comprehensive trip report of a successful and complete off-road traverse of the Pyrenees that I’d hoped to be writing but nevertheless here is a little write-up of my (shortened) Pyrenean adventure.

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Off the road again…..


After 3.5 days of 12 I was unhappily on my way back to blighty!

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