3 for 3 (March overnighter)

I’m continuing my monthly bivi challenge but…..due to weather, my ongoing bad back and other time constraints, I was fast running out of March and so I decided that I’d do something a little different this month.

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I’ve had a very quiet few weeks as my back’s been giving me crap again and so I’ve been taking things VERY easy (a run here and a swim there but not much else).

But…..today there are a few little things to report:

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First ride in March

I can’t believe it’s the 8th and I’ve only just done my first ride of the month!

To be fair I’ve been bloody busy so far this month and so I’ll let myself off just this once.

I’ve been spending my days chasing out the old mortar from the walls in the barn and then re-pointing them afterwards – ouch!

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