A slow start to the year…..

As part of a drive to motivate myself to do more this year here is the first of 12 planned monthly instalments which document just how much (or how little) I’ve ridden each month.

Below for your viewing pleasure (pah!) is a graphic representation of the first month of 2013.

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Right, it IS ON!!!

Today I booked the train tickets for my upcoming TransPyr trip.

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I love winter riding!

I’ve not managed to get out for a little while due to being (overly?) cautious with a bit of a sore back but today the sun was shining, the snow was crisp, my back was feeling good and I definitely felt the need to get out into the hills.

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More night riding…

I’ve been managing to get out a little bit for a few night rides (necessary as there simply isn’t enough daylight to do everything that needs doing (renovations, baby, cooking, farm) as well as getting out on my bike).

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Nice ride, shame about the Monte Carlo Rally!

Today I had to leave the car at the garage in Valence for 6 hours and so it seemed sensible to plan a nice big ride but I must have pissed someone important off as the entire day was a joke!

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Snowy VTT club ride

This morning I went on my first ride with a local Mountain Bike (VTT) Club.

Well…..with one member anyway. Everyone else didn’t show up due to either the overnight snow or because they had some kind of reunion drinks last night – but me and Laurent had a nice ride anyway!

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1st trip of 2013 – DONE!

Last night, after being inspired reading everyone’s ‘2013 bivi-a-month challenge‘ aims over on the Bear Bones Bikepacking forum, I decided to change my plans for a night ride into an impromptu mini-bikepacking trip.

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