2012 – a hell of a year!

It’s the 30th of December and as the year draws to conclusion I thought I’d do a little summary of 2012 along with some photographs which I think nicely illustrate what a hell of a year it’s been for me and biking!

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TransPyr 2013

It’s been a while in the planning (and things may well alter yet) but preparations have progressed sufficiently that I think it’s not premature to mention the plans for my Big Trip 2013!

After loving my TransAlp 2012 trip so much I didn’t want to stray too far from that format and so, after a load of research and reading, the plan is to do a TransPyr (Trans Pyrenees) trip.

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Snow-free at last (for now)!

I’m definitely┬ánot complaining about there having been loads of lovely white snow around for the last few weeks but it did mean (as I’m not yet set-up for serious snow-riding) that I was unable to get out on my bike!

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