l’Etape du Tour


It would appear that I’ve accidentally entered the 2013 l’Etape du Tour road event.

It’s a stage from next years Tour de France (usually one of the harder mountain stages) and so it seemed ideal for someone who’s never ridden in any road biking event – ever.

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November Bivi

It took until the 27th of this fine autumn month before I managed to get out for a night in the wild!

There were a number of aborted attempts and failed missions but last night I ignored the forecast snow and sub-zero temperatures and set-off into the night for a quick 12 hour stealth-bivi.

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Clouds where a view should’ve been!

Today I went to pick-up my new road bike frame (I mean my mother-in-law) from Lyon airport.

They (Pam and the frame) arrived at 16:00 and so there was just enough time to squeeze in a ride on the way.

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Tonight I went on another little night ride.

It’s a one hour loop that I was doing a lot in the summer but it seems more of a mission on a cold dark rainy night!

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1st impressions…..

Today, in complete contrast to my previously stated plans for this weekend, I finally got out on my new 29er for the first time.

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Bike porn!

Evening all,

Today I took delivery of the final parts to put together my long-awaited shiny new 29er build!

My Cotic ‘Solaris’ is finally complete and ready to hit the trails (there’ll be a mini test ride tomorrow before a weekend of bike/bivi fun!).

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Paleo diet thingy


I’ve always liked the idea of eating better but unfortunately I’ve never liked the idea more than I like eating cakes and drinking beer and so, a few years ago, I found myself on the slippery slope to obesity and early death (ok, so I’d put on a little weight).

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Last night I went out to test my new Hope ‘Vision 1’ light.

When used with my LED Lenser ‘H7R’ head-torch it seems (based on yesterday’s outing) to offer up enough light for me to get out and do some night time rides over this coming winter.

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