A real ride!


Today I went on what should be considered my first ‘real’ mountain bike ride since the dreaded back incident of late August.

It wasn’t far but it was sufficiently technical that I’d go as far as to call it actual mountain biking!

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Caminata espaƱoles grande

Being so close to the bottom of France a few days ago meant that we were also very close to the top of Spain (funny that)!

As I’d never been to Spain before I took the opportunity to sneak over the border for a mini bivi trip.

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Today I managed my first little ride in well over a month!

It wasn’t a long ride, it wasn’t a technically difficult ride but it certainly was a very welcome one!

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Another month without a ride!


Another month has passed without so much as a sniff of a ride and I’m beginning to lose the remaining patience I had with my useless excuse for a spine.

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