One of the most important factors in bikepacking is the carrying and weight distribution of your kit.

Five pieces of kit complete my bikepacking luggage ensemble:

  1. Frame-bag
  2. Rucksack
  3. Seat-bag
  4. Bar-bag
  5. Gas-tank

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Ok, next up is the clothing I took/wore on my trip…..

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Cooking gear:

To continue the ‘gear I took on my trip’ series here’s a run-down of what I cooked on and how it faired throughout the trip.

I did a fair bit of looking around and testing before I settled on my stove/cookware for my trip and I have no complaints – it all worked brilliantly.

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On the mend!

This evening I went for an actual real life bike ride! My back is now feeling sufficiently healed for me to risk a (very VERY tame) short little tootle around the woods near here. For the first km or so I think that the only reason I felt stiff was because I was tense in Read More

Retail (back) therapy

My back is feeling a lot better.

In fact, I went out on my bike (for the first time since my disc selfishly herniated) today!

I popped down the trail from the house for a few hundred metres before turning around and riding back.

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XXC article


Despite the fact that I’m still stuck flat on my back, unable to move, in constant back pain whilst looking helplessly out over Mont Blanc I find myself in a strangely good mood.

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Sleeping mat: Mammut – Comfort Pump Mat

For my trip I had another big sleeping-system decision to make – the sleeping mat!

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Sleeping bag: Mountian Hardwear – Spectre SL 20

Round two in the ‘kit review’ series:

The Sleeping Bag…..

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Tent: Six Moons Designs – Skyscape Scout

I received a fair few requests for my thoughts and opinions on the kit I used during my recent big trip and so here’s the firstĀ instalment…..

The humble tent:

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