New blog address

I should also probably mention (not that it’ll have escaped your attention) that I’ve moved my blog and so, whilst you can still be redirected here if you visit, the easiest and most direct route is to simply type in

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I’ve spent the last week pretty much entirely horizontal due to crippling back pain.

My old friend the ‘herniated L3’ has reared it’s ugly head and put me on my ass!

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I will never be fast!

We’ve had Matt, Rachel and (Amelie’s best friend) baby Connie with us for the past week and so it’s been my pleasure to take Matt out into the Ardèche hills so that he can teach me some lessons in humility.

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12 hour stealth bivi!

I did some maths and realised that I have no free evenings for the rest of the month and so, beginning to panic about the ‘2012 Bivi a month challenge’, I opted to do a 12 hour stealth-bivi last night.

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Salamandre bikes

I met up with Yann yesterday (as mentioned in my previous post) who makes custom bike frames in the south of the Ardeche.

I couldn’t resist sharing a few photographs of a few of his fat-bikes as they’re beautifully made and perfect for bikepacking duties.

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L’Abbaye Notre Dame des Neiges

Last week I got an email form a guy in the south of the Ardeche who said that he’d been given my details by two people within an hour and so he thought he’d get in touch.

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TransAlp – 07

Ok, so this is it, the final TransAlp post – thanks for staying with me. It’s been a long trip-report and I think we’ll all be happy to move on with our lives now that it’s almost over!

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TransAlp – 06

Right, we’re nearly finished…..

Day 06!

In a word ‘LONG’.

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TransAlp – 05

Day 05 was brutal!

It had a nice easy beginning (as you can see below) but then there was a 1600m/1mile vertical ascent which nearly killed me:

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TransAlp – 04


Sorry for the delay in the posting of Day 04 but I’ve been having image hosting issues and have been unable to put anything new up for days.

So…..where were we?

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