Ardeche Gorge trip (Part II – The return)


Early on Saturday morning (after getting up with Amelie at 05:30) I set off south to the Ardeche Gorge for a little 24 hour adventure.

Here, for your viewing pleasure is a short (really!) movie of the trip:

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Adapted seat-bag

A while back I bought an Ortileb seat bag and it was basically a bit crap.

Always moving around and getting in the way and generally (apart from being really waterproof) of no use what-so-ever.

Then, whilst recently thinking about ways to make a harness for my dry-bag to mount behind my seat, I had an idea to try bastardising my Ortileb bag to see if I could make something useful from it.

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Weekend bivi trip

I’ve been trying to refine my kit and packing-order in preparation for my big trip in July and now that my kit is (mostly) sorted I feel like I’m finally getting close to being happy with it all.

So…..I’ll be heading off on Saturday for a nice big test ride/bivi to see how it all packs, rides and works.

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Yesterday, I took delivery of my newest piece of bikepacking luggage – the ‘fuel tank’.

It’s basically just a little top-tube mounted bag for carrying the little things which usually clog up your pockets or become annoyingly inaccessible (as they end up at the bottom of your pack) when you need them.

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Le Cheylard ‘big-loop’

Afternoon folks,

This morning I headed out to do a ride which I managed part of back in January before my navigation skills let me know down and I missed off the intended last 3rd of the ride. Don’t get me wrong my new and improvised route was still a nice ride but I wanted to ride the full route to see what I’d missed.

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Great new ride!

Today I bagged myself another great ride to add to my collection of ‘rides to do whilst picking someone up/dropping someone off at Valence train station’.

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Lake Devesset ride

Today I went on another little tootle which I thought I’d post about.

I rode from Saint Agreve via Lake Devesset to Le Chambon Sur Lignon and then back home.

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All things 29er…..

Afternoon all,

As I’ve had my 29er for a couple of weeks now (we’ve been on a few good rides together, I’ve fallen off a couple of times and we’ve generally gotten to know each other quite well) I feel that I’m ready to give a little feedback about this whole ’29er’ malarky…..

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