Rab ‘Infinity’ Jacket


I’ve been meaning to post this review for a little while now but haven’t had/found the time.

I recently got a great deal (less than half price) on a Rab ‘Infinity’ jacket.

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When in Drome…..(a.k.a. Saillans Ride 19-20th March 2012)

I went to go pick some friends up from Valence and so used that as an excuse to go ride one of my favourite trails.

Here’s a mini-movie I made of the trip:

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MYOG – USB Charger

Today I made myself a little gadget which charges USB devices (iPod, Camera, Phone etc…) from normal AA batteries.

I bought a kit from a website in the states and then today, for the first time since CDT in school (20 years ago!), I had a pop soldering some electronics!

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Ardeche Gorge – Bike/Bivi/Bike Trip

After dropping Nikki and Amelie off in Valence (they’re back in the UK for a week) I drove down to the Ardeche Gorge for another chance to use testing out kit as an excuse to get out into the hills and have a little fun!

Here, for the wordily-challenged among you is a little movie I made of this trip:

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Here’s my bike fully loaded and ready for another little trip tomorrow!

(I didn’t know it was going to snow!)

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Bike Den!


I’ve long harboured the man-dream of having somewhere bike-specific in which to store my bikes with a counter-top and storage space for my parts in which I could while away the hours fettling.

I was recently allocated a tiny alcove and told to tidy away my bikes (as apparently them being strewn around the house isn’t ‘on’) and so I set to work designing a miniature bike-den.

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Wildcat Gear ‘Leopard’ – Frame Bag

In the post today was my highly anticipated frame-bag.

This piece of kit is central to my Bikepacking gear and so I spent a long time researching various options before I settled on the Wildcat.

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Afternoon folks,

Here’s a little video I put together of a ride I went on recently.

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