New Years Eve Eve Ride

Good evening – here is the news:

Today, seeing as I was going to Valence to pick up some scaffolding (for the very high pointing that needs doing in the B+B barn), I thought I’d get in one last ride of the year.

I thought that the Chamonix ride might be my last mountain bike ride of the year (before the snow arrived) – but no.

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I spent a little time tinkering with my Single-Speed bike this afternoon and it’s back in working condition (it was pillaged for parts when I built up my new main mountain bike this summer) and I’m hoping to use it for my first night-time ride this evening (if there’s time).

Here she is in all her glory:

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What a difference a week makes.

Here’s a shot of the Col de Possetes in the Alps (near Chamonix) that I rode last week: And here’s that same route (from a different angle) taken yesterday by Mikey: Maybe I was the last person to ride it this year??? We’ll never know….. We’re still waiting for winter to arrive here at Simlple-HQ Read More

A good ride and some even better news!

Evening folks, I had to go to Annonay today for a hospital appointment (they found an anomaly with my heart recently and wanted to do some more tests) and so I thought I’d take the opportunity to do some riding in a new area (as we’re still seemingly in the middle of a fairly mild Read More

Chamonix ride

Morning folks, We’re currently in Chamonix at BP’s place (happy now sir?) and I thought I’d post a few photographs of the doozie of a ride I went on yesterday. Here’s the profile so you can get an idea of the little bugger: The start was evil (Mikey – your name was used in conjunction Read More