A little beerpacking nano-adventure

Me and Pete have been trying to escape to the hills for an overnighter for a while now with various dates almost happening but then not and then almost happening again etc… you get the idea. And so yesterday, despite some nasty weather predictions, we finally got our shit together and made a run for Read More

Über gnar tech singletrack shred

It was Fathers Day over the weekend and whilst I had a lovely day with my lovely family I couldn’t help but notice that there was precisely zero bike time which was clearly unacceptable. So…..I gave myself the morning off yesterday and set off to find me some adventure! I took a nice lift up Read More

Vallorcine valley ride

A few days ago I happened to be going for lunch in Vallorcine which is a place I’ve wanted to take the fatbike to ever since I saw the lovely groomed snowshoe trails last winter.

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Villard de Lans

On my way back from the Ardeche I stopped off in Villard de Lans as I’d read online that there were 100kms of dedicated fatbike trails in what is marketed as the fatbike capital of France.

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Snow at last!

After a depressing snow-free December we finally had a proper dump of the white stuff just before New Year.

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1st snow

It’s not much but it’s here!

It’ll not be long before the fatty comes out to play but for now the 29er is plenty capable enough.

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Annecy bikepacking trip

I’ll not write much as you can just watch the video and see how my trip was.

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Bearbones 200


On the 10th of October (having driven for two days on little sleep) I, along with about 60 other lunatics, set off on the 2014 incarnation of the BB200 – a 200km (130ish miles).

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Eddie had been planning on coming out to visit and ride for a while and seeing as his visit coincided with Nikki and the kids visiting London I thought it only right and proper for us to embark on a daft adventure.

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Morning all,

It’s been a fair old while since I posted anything on the blog and that’s been due to three things:

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