So…..that’s June finished!

It’s felt pretty uninspiring on the riding front this month (which is why things have been pretty quiet on the blog).

It’s not that I’ve haven’t been putting the miles in but they’ve been road miles and so there’s only so much to report.

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April and May round-ups…

I realised yesterday that I’d not done any monthly round-up posts for April and/or May and so here they are…..

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March round-up

January’s km count was a bit lame though February saw a massive improvement and so let’s see what March had in store for yours truly…..

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A better February!

Evening all,

It would seem that I had a much better (riding stats-wise) February than I did January (though I thoroughly enjoyed this years January to be honest).

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A slow start to the year…..

As part of a drive to motivate myself to do more this year here is the first of 12 planned monthly instalments which document just how much (or how little) I’ve ridden each month.

Below for your viewing pleasure (pah!) is a graphic representation of the first month of 2013.

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