Full throttle hipster!

I’ve only gone and done it. Not content with building up a Monster Cross bike with tan tyres – oh no, that’s not far enough down the hipster rabbit hole is it? I had to take that final step and turn my new bike into the mostest hipstery hip bike build in history! That’s right, Read More

New steel…..the Velo Orange ‘Piolet’

Well…..it didn’t take long for me to remedy the (clearly unacceptable) ‘one less bike’ situation! After selling my road bike I selected (from a long and distinguished list of potential applicants) a new frameset to build up into my all-purpose ‘Adventure Bike’™ Yeah, yeah, ‘Adventure Bike’ what a load of bollocks but it’s not far Read More

End of an era…..

Today I put my road bike up for sale! I know what you’re thinking, what the hell am I doing? It’s not N-1 after all but worry not, I’ll not be down by one whole bike for long. Without being melodramatic I’ve simply fallen out of love with Road cycling and there are a number Read More

Rim drilling

I decided to drill my Surly ‘Rolling Darryl’ rims in order to save some weight (+/- 200g per rim saved).

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Dave Marsh frame

Growing up I lived about 100m from the Universal Cycle Centre which is the bike shop owned and run by Dave Marsh.

If you don’t know who he is then you need to read up a bit on British road cycling history!

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SS ‘town bike’

I realised a while back that, whilst I may have 5 bikes, I don’t have one for just riding into town, doing some shopping, leaving outside the pub etc…

This situation clearly needed remedying immediately and so I set about building up my old steel road frame into something suitable with a load of old/spare parts I had in the workshop.

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Winter is here!

It seems that winter has landed in the Alps! There’s been a decent amount of snow around for the last month or so and it seems it’s here for good (well, hopefully spring will arrive at some point next year). I’ve been getting out fairly regularly on the fatbike (as well as doing some running Read More

New bouncy bike!

I’ve finally finished building-up my new Alp-friendly full-sus beast! I bought a used Santa Cruz ‘Blur LT’ bike on eBay and then set about making it mine (by changing almost everything!). Some of the changes were due to the parts coming with the bike being knackered (despite being advertised as being in ‘good’ condition) and Read More

I got BOAR’d!

You know a trip has gone a little awry when it’s 01:30 in the morning and you’re sat up a tree in your pants, armed with only a headtorch and leatherman watching a wild boar attempt to eat your bike!

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3 for 3 (March overnighter)

I’m continuing my monthly bivi challenge but…..due to weather, my ongoing bad back and other time constraints, I was fast running out of March and so I decided that I’d do something a little different this month.

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