A little beerpacking nano-adventure

Me and Pete have been trying to escape to the hills for an overnighter for a while now with various dates almost happening but then not and then almost happening again etc… you get the idea. And so yesterday, despite some nasty weather predictions, we finally got our shit together and made a run for Read More

Tuscany Trail – the aftermath…

The astute among you may notice the teenie tiny time lag between my previous post announcing my entry into the Tuscany Trail event and this write-up….. Yes, yes, over four years have elapsed since I last updated this blog [insert shock face emoji here] and this write-up is, in fact, about my 5th time riding Read More

Tuscany Trail ‘Race’

A few weeks ago I finally got around to entering this years Tuscany Trail event.

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1st Bivi of 2015

1st bivi of 2015 – Val Ferret, Italy.

Great ride up, nowhere in the trees less than waist deep in snow (and no shovel) so retreated to a little abandoned village and took shelter under an overhanging roof.

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Annecy bikepacking trip

I’ll not write much as you can just watch the video and see how my trip was.

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Bearbones 200


On the 10th of October (having driven for two days on little sleep) I, along with about 60 other lunatics, set off on the 2014 incarnation of the BB200 – a 200km (130ish miles).

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Eddie had been planning on coming out to visit and ride for a while and seeing as his visit coincided with Nikki and the kids visiting London I thought it only right and proper for us to embark on a daft adventure.

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There and Back 2014

We’ve been in the UK for most of January and, as always, things have been crazy hectic and so, despite riding quite a bit, I’ve not managed to find time to write anything on the blog. The first big ride of the new year was my trip back to the Ardeche which I wrote about Read More

Winter is here!

It seems that winter has landed in the Alps! There’s been a decent amount of snow around for the last month or so and it seems it’s here for good (well, hopefully spring will arrive at some point next year). I’ve been getting out fairly regularly on the fatbike (as well as doing some running Read More

TransPyr 2013 – Day 04/Travel

Right, we’re nearly done.

Day 04 dawned early if not bright as I’d decided that I was going to get up at 05:00 and set off at 06:30 – a couple of hours before the others.

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