TransAlp – 07

Ok, so this is it, the final TransAlp post – thanks for staying with me. It’s been a long trip-report and I think we’ll all be happy to move on with our lives now that it’s almost over!

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TransAlp – 06

Right, we’re nearly finished…..

Day 06!

In a word ‘LONG’.

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TransAlp – 05

Day 05 was brutal!

It had a nice easy beginning (as you can see below) but then there was a 1600m/1mile vertical ascent which nearly killed me:

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TransAlp – 04


Sorry for the delay in the posting of Day 04 but I’ve been having image hosting issues and have been unable to put anything new up for days.

So…..where were we?

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TransAlp – 03

Day 03:

Despite what the profile of the .gpx file indicates below I did not descend to sea-level before climbing a 1.5km vertical cliff at the start of day 03!

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TransAlp – 02

Ok, day 02…..

I woke up pretty early as everything was damp (especially where the leak was funnily enough!) and so got up and started to pack everything away.

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TransAlp – 01

It’s been well over a week since I returned from my ‘Big Trip’ and so I decided it was about time I attempted to string some words together and write about what went on.

Ok, here goes…..

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