Full throttle hipster!

I’ve only gone and done it. Not content with building up a Monster Cross bike with tan tyres – oh no, that’s not far enough down the hipster rabbit hole is it? I had to take that final step and turn my new bike into the mostest hipstery hip bike build in history! That’s right, Read More

A little beerpacking nano-adventure

Me and Pete have been trying to escape to the hills for an overnighter for a while now with various dates almost happening but then not and then almost happening again etc… you get the idea. And so yesterday, despite some nasty weather predictions, we finally got our shit together and made a run for Read More

New steel…..the Velo Orange ‘Piolet’

Well…..it didn’t take long for me to remedy the (clearly unacceptable) ‘one less bike’ situation! After selling my road bike I selected (from a long and distinguished list of potential applicants) a new frameset to build up into my all-purpose ‘Adventure Bike’™ Yeah, yeah, ‘Adventure Bike’ what a load of bollocks but it’s not far Read More

Biking back from flabbiness…

So…..in the four years since I was last active on this blog it would appear that I’ve accidentally become a bit of a bloater. Don’t get me wrong, I still cycle ~4000km per year but I’ve been getting slower and slower as my girth creeps ever larger. There’s no denying that I need to get Read More

End of an era…..

Today I put my road bike up for sale! I know what you’re thinking, what the hell am I doing? It’s not N-1 after all but worry not, I’ll not be down by one whole bike for long. Without being melodramatic I’ve simply fallen out of love with Road cycling and there are a number Read More

Über gnar tech singletrack shred

It was Fathers Day over the weekend and whilst I had a lovely day with my lovely family I couldn’t help but notice that there was precisely zero bike time which was clearly unacceptable. So…..I gave myself the morning off yesterday and set off to find me some adventure! I took a nice lift up Read More

Tuscany Trail – the aftermath…

The astute among you may notice the teenie tiny time lag between my previous post announcing my entry into the Tuscany Trail event and this write-up….. Yes, yes, over four years have elapsed since I last updated this blog [insert shock face emoji here] and this write-up is, in fact, about my 5th time riding Read More

Tuscany Trail ‘Race’

A few weeks ago I finally got around to entering this years Tuscany Trail event.

Read More

1st Bivi of 2015

1st bivi of 2015 – Val Ferret, Italy.

Great ride up, nowhere in the trees less than waist deep in snow (and no shovel) so retreated to a little abandoned village and took shelter under an overhanging roof.

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Knackered but glad to have ridden.

Last night I, against my better judgement, went for a nice little night ride.

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